Meet our dogs ready for adoption in the uk...

Dogs on this page are already located in the UK.
Most UK dogs are located in our rescue back up kennels in Nottinghamshire, unless otherwise stated. 
All of the below apply to all our dogs...

  • A homecheck and fees apply for adoption.
  • Meet and greets can be arranged for our UK dogs if required. 
  • All dogs come fully vaccinated and tested for Leishmaniasis, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Brucellosis and Heartworm.
  • All dogs come microchipped and with a Macedonian passport (including all their tests and vaccinations).
  • Rescue back up is provided in the UK for all our dogs.
  • Puppies are not spayed/neutered due to age.
  • All applicants must understand that all rescue dogs need time to settle, adjust and a safe space to learn with positive reward training, lifetime support with rescue.


My name is Gucci, fancy right?
What's not fancy is that he was living outdoors, that's why he is not familiar with certain things. He didn't have a bed, crate, collar... Now he does and fully enjoys it and appreciates it.
He is a sweet friendly dog, learned how to walk on a lead, learned how to walk with other dogs...
He knows how to cuddle, sit, stay and more basic commands. He is crate trained too.
He did and still is doing his best. Gucci can get excited but he listens instantly getting back to focus.
All he needs as any other dog would is setting a routine, structured behavior guidance and boundaries when he's excited.
Is it too much to offer for a dog that lived freely in his yard?


Lovely Miss Gina is currently looking for her forever home. She is living with other dogs and she absolutely loves it!
She simply loves dogs and would benefit being rehomed in a household with resident pet/s.

Gina is 1.5 years old, spayed, fully vaccinated with no health issues.
She's is a big girl, full of life. Enjoys her walks, likes to run, doing what dogs do. 
Her foster is currently preparing her for her forever family and Gina is crate trained, toilet trained, with lead training ongoing.
Ohh not to forget this chunky young girl also doesn't mind cats.

We are aware of her size but this teddy bear is sometimes not, therefore we are considering a home with older children above 16 who love dogs and have lived/live with them, or only adult home.

She does need strong handler, seriously this dog loves to play like a puppy!
She loves to be treated as one, and her size shouldn't limit her or her future adopters to have lap cuddles or play hide and seek in the garden.


Henry is a beautiful, young bou around 1 years old. He takes to training well and needs someone to continue training and in general someone with dog experience. 
We do not advise Henry to go to a home with kids or cats.

If you have a resident dog/s, it will be ideal to have even a few meets to get the dogs together and have them become friends before deciding.
Our rescue team in kennels will provide more guidance every step of the way you just need to follow.


Meet Baloo, such a gentle boy… he waits so patiently for someone to pick him… I don’t know why either Baloo, because you are really beautiful. 
Baloo is a Carpathian Shepherd boy, typically a herding breed, around 2 years old.
He will need to be only dog in the house, no small children under 12. He is sweet natured but may need some additional training around other dogs to become socially neutral. 
He does well within the kennel surrounding with dogs well within one metre.
He’s such a lovely boy and will make an excellent pet. 

This is what his previous owners had to say...

 "He is a fantastic dog, Sharplaninac breed, He is house trained, good with children, people etc. 
He has never chewed any furniture or damaged anything since we have had him.
He has completed an 8-week basic dog training course already.
He is a pretty dog and everyone he meets loves him and remarks what a lovely dog he is".