Meet our dogs ready for adoption in the uk...

Dogs on this page are already located in the UK.
Most UK dogs are located in our rescue back up kennels in Nottinghamshire, unless otherwise stated. 
All of the below apply to all our dogs...

  • A homecheck and fees apply for adoption.
  • Meet and greets can be arranged for our UK dogs if required. 
  • All dogs come fully vaccinated and tested for Leishmaniasis, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Brucellosis and Heartworm.
  • All dogs come microchipped and with a Macedonian passport (including all their tests and vaccinations).
  • Rescue back up is provided in the UK for all our dogs.
  • Puppies are not spayed/neutered due to age.
  • All applicants must understand that all rescue dogs need time to settle, adjust and a safe space to learn with positive reward training, lifetime support with rescue.


Meet Syd, he’s brill... that’s all we can say! 
He has the most fabulous, funniest character. He’s roughly 18 months old, full of beans but also trained well.

He will walk to heel, sit, down and wait but he’ll also go crazy if he finds a feather in the field, like it’s a million dollar win!
He is sometimes bonkers, but if you are looking for a fab friend then Syd is your man.
Syd cannot live with cats.

He likes to play, sometimes very happy and has no stop switch until you show him the treat, then ping - all yours! 


Fred is a gorgeous, 8 month old puppy. He walks nicely, is trained to sit, we have crate training in process and he's doing great!

He knows how to chill and do nothing, always up for belly rubs! He is also a good lap dog.

Fred is not cat tested.

The most suitable home will be without a resident dog so you can be fully committed to him, however he can live with other dogs with proper and slow introductions. 

Families with children over the age of 10+ only due to his size and bounciness. 


Meet Baloo, such a gentle boy… he waits so patiently for someone to pick him… I don’t know why either Baloo, because you are really beautiful. 
Baloo is a Carpathian Shepherd boy, typically a herding breed, around 2 years old.
He will need to be only dog in the house, no small children under 12. He is sweet natured but may need some additional training around other dogs to become socially neutral. 
He does well within the kennel surrounding with dogs well within one metre.
He’s such a lovely boy and will make an excellent pet. 

This is what his previous owners had to say...

 "He is a fantastic dog, Sharplaninac breed, He is house trained, good with children, people etc. 
He has never chewed any furniture or damaged anything since we have had him.
He has completed an 8-week basic dog training course already.
He is a pretty dog and everyone he meets loves him and remarks what a lovely dog he is". 


Mr Freddie, is a 2 year old lab cross ready to live his life and be loved.

He’s crate trained, walks nicely on a lead and knows basic commands - sit, down, paw and kiss!

Loves playing football and is a noisy player.

Would suit an active life, a family with grown up kids. He has previously shared a house with another dog but not lately. Socially neutral on a pack walk, not really bothered about other dogs. Not to be homed with cats. 

So why is he here? Labs are popular right? 

Well last year when his adopter tried to rehome him, they tested him and he had a slightly raised titre to Leish… subsequently we were informed and  we had him back of course.

We have a very good connection with a leish vet lead - we ran bloods, we thought despite him not having any symptoms and still not having any symptoms, best to treat it. 
So we did, a course of Miltoforan for 28 days was given… blood tests reveal now titre levels are low and he has another 8 months of being on a tablet that we use for Gout called Allopurinol. 

He has milk thistle powder added to his food , he is raw fed and he is a healthy lad.

So you see the “L”word isn’t scary.. we have many dogs living full lives with leish … and he’s living proof but he doesn’t deserve to be condemned to a life in kennels because of it. 
It is not transmittable… so if you think you could love this lad, he is a typical lab, a foody, loves his walks and exercise and then snoring… and boy can he snore! 

Allopurinol will be supplied in this instance until this finished course. 


Little Billy is 6 years old. He’s a very simple creature, he loves a little walk out and back in for cuddles.. lots of cuddles! 

He is selective but when he’s smitten, he’s smitten. Billy has previously been in a home for a short time but his owner became poorly and so he was returned. 

He does require a few things to continue … 

  • His crate, with simple bedding inside. He will chew and love his blankets.
  • A simple camp bed is what he loves.
  • No cats / no live in dogs but will pack walk with everyone.
  • No kids under 14 yrs… he’s a retired gent and lives a quiet life.

You do not need to walk for miles with him, he’s happy with a little play, bomb around and rest.