Meet our dogs ready for adoption in macedonia...

Dogs on this page are currently located in Macedonia and all ready to travel to the UK.
All of the below apply to all our dogs...

  • A homecheck and fees apply for adoption.
  • All dogs come fully vaccinated and tested for Leishmaniasis, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Brucellosis and Heartworm.
  • All dogs come microchipped and with a Macedonian passport (including all their tests and vaccinations).
  • Rescue back up is provided in the UK for all dogs.
  • Puppies are not spayed/neutered prior to travel due to age.
  • All applicants must understand that all rescue dogs need time to settle, adjust and a safe space to learn with positive reward training, lifetime support with rescue.


♥️ The lady in red ♥️

Our beautiful Kora has lived a life in kennels 😢 rescued from the streets at around 7 months old, we have had this girl for a very long time now... and look how beautiful she is 😍 LOOK AT THOSE AMAZING EYES 👀

Kora is now approximately 2-2.5 years old and medium sized. I think she's waited long enough for her forever home, don't you think? 🍀🍀

This girl has so much love to give, is really loving and friendly when she trusts you, she is ready for that sofa to snuggle up on and a garden for zoomies! 💨

Gets on really well with other dogs, so could live in a household that already has dogs, but like any new addition - introductions should be slow 🐾 We would recommend an adult only home for her ❤️

Kora cannot be homed with cats 🐱

A truly loving girl, who deserves her chance... we are just waiting for the right person to sweep her up! 🌸


Our long legged model in the making!

Pongo is still looking for his forever home, he's been with us in kennels for over a year now and is desperate for a home of his own 🐾 Who could say no to those killer legs? 

Around 3 years old approximately, this boy was rescued from the streets of Skopje. He had been attacked by other street dogs, so we took him into our care to keep him safe ❤️

Pongo is a gorgeous large sized dog, who will need an active family where he can enjoy long walks and lots of exercise 🏞️. An ideal setting for him would be a rural home, but other settings could be considered for the right adopter.🐾

He is a strong dog but has so much love to give, he is truly a lovely, friendly dog. Really social with all people ♥️ Bear in mind his size, so he is definitely not for a family with children under 13.
Really good motivated 🍗, this boy is so eager to learn and please. 

Pongo is good with other dogs, but isn't as keen on dominant males. He could happily live with female dogs or a male that isn't an Alfa/dominant character. 🐶


😥Public shelter called him ZERO can you believe it...

How optimistic can one person be about finding a home for a Zero... We hink they cursed him with a simple thing as a name.

🐶He is 2+y old and likes to socialise with dogs in the runs and fields but a home environment with a resident dog may be somewhat a challenge as he has never lived in a home and time and space to adjust the dogs will be required.
🐱Not a dog for a cat home,
👶Being energetic and playful, a home with kids is an option but over the age of 12 would be more suitable.
🐾Middle size dog 18-20kg


Clara is the most cuddly one of the litter. Enjoys spending time in your arms ❤️
Believe it or not, her mum is a retriever that we rescued from the streets of horrendous dog shooting town Struga, but it was very late for spaying her. 
Therefore we embraced Nuala and provided a safe place for her and her puppies.

This small bundle of joy 😊 is 3,5 months.
Clara and her siblings are the favourite residents at our vets and well socialized, extremely happy around people and playful with other dogs.

If you are looking for a puppy to adopt this girl is looking for a family of her own.


Are you up for a lively dog? 🤍
Do you enjoy nature and exploring? 🖤
Do you miss an active friend that will share this passion with you? 🤍
Someone that will play and make you laugh all the time?🖤

SETRA is an active and bouncy girl, 3.5 years old that enjoys every activity,she is smart, has a proper character, and will advocate for what she wants.


I am Dobby a 5 month old pupster that is trying to find his family. I was a former streetie, a girl took me into safety THANK GOD! And because of her today I am able to make someone’s life brighter and full of puppy love! 

Very social and happy in people’s company, also great with other dogs. 


Beauty isn't just on the surface, it also lies within us and Dexter here shows this perfectly. 

We are all born with imperfections and that is totally normal right? Can you see the true beauty within? 

Dexter is an amazing 8 month old boy, who sadly isn't sponsored. We want to give this boy the best chance at his forever home, a foster that would be kind enough to give him a start at his chance or even a sponsor to keep him safe in his kennels.

Dexter was found on the dump with his siblings and has been with us since. He was come a long way in this time and is much more confident now. He is great with other dogs and people and could live in a family with dog savvy children. 


Oscar has his tongue out, ready to impress you all and show you why he should be adopted.

Oscar was found on the dump as a teeny tiny puppy with his siblings. Taken from a hole on the rubbish site, with no chance of survival he is now thriving with us in kennels at 7-8 months old.

A boy who wants to please, do anything to make his owners happy. He has a big brain with so much love to give.
Great with other dogs, he is currently in kennels with his siblings and other dogs and socialises well. 

A beautiful boy, who sits nicely and will do anything for a bit of food 🍗

Oscar would be a perfect family dog, but being medium to larger sized, we recommend families with children 8+. Families with dog savvy children is a must. 

Oscar is still a puppy, he will need further training, support and guidance and someone who is willing to be patient and work with him. 


His leg was run over by a train!!! A TRAIN !!! And yet he smiles

Sir. BLUE has decided that he will overcome the past and will look into his bright FUTURE 

Well that bright future depends on US…we need to find him a home  a family …a friend for life 

He is ready and his bags are packed. He is approximately 1.5-2 year olds and great with other dogs and even cats! 


The beautiful hazel eyed Joplin is 6 months old, roughly will be Labrador size when fully grown.

She has so much love to give, she loves cuddles and playing! A secure garden is a must for this girl as she LOVES to run. 

She is food driven, easy to train, extremely smart, very playful - currently living with male and female dogs of the same age. 

Joplin is a leader, not an alfa dog. She will require leash training. She is a fast learner and can be fully house trained in a short time.

She can be rehomed with children but the kids need to be dog savvy and over knock down age.


Are you in a search of a dog, yet you have a resident cat 🐈 and you are looking for a cat friendly doggie 🐶??

🍒 Miss Cherry 🍒 is the one 🍒
This little (now not so little) lady was rescued from the dump as a pup 🐶 
She is approximately 8 months old now and lives with her siblings and her other furry friends 🐾🐶🍒

She is a young, cheerful dog that no doubt will bring much joy into someone’s life!
She is social with other dogs, she is social with people, she walks on lead 🦮


This beautiful boy is searching for his forever home, he is VERY cute! 

We are looking for an experienced home for this boy, who can support his nervousness and bring him out of his shell. He will need some training but once comfortable in your present, his loving personality shines through.

Biscuit can live with other dogs, cats and possibly dog savvy children over the age of 12. 


The 3 paw beauty aka Sir. Freddie.
Such, such gentle soul, dog that you immediately LOVE without any hesitation. Life wasnt fair to him, born without a front leg…ON THE STREETS!!! But that just made him even more PERFECT! 

Freddie is a dog that loves everyone. He is an 8 months old boy that has the look of a labrador.
He adjusts to every situation and to any person, he wants to make doggy friends too. 


Here we have a medium gorgeous boy ready for adoption.

Bobby was rescued as a tiny puppy on the dump, and has grown up with us from then to a gorgeous, beautiful boy, now approximately 8-9 months old. 

A very friendly boy who is really working on his lead work and has a lovely nature. 

He gets on well with other dogs and could live in a multi dog home, ready to have a best friend for runs and zoomies! 
He is also great with cats.

Good around children, he'd make the perfect family dog. 

A good poser too, ready for all your photos 📸


Mr. Beli is looking for a home!

This lovely 3 years old boy would love to spend his lifetime with an older couple or someone who is home most of the time.

He is very much used to people and their company. He is also a very affectionate dog that gets easily attached to his humans and enjoys their affection. 

How come???

Well he basically spent some time of his life hanging out in the yard of a retirement home where he was spoiled and constantly around the residents there. He was the faithful companion of the elderly people who lived there..... until large group of dogs were released on the location and he needed to be removed urgently. 

He is safe in our care awaiting for his calm home where he can enjoy life and company of his own people.

He is a stunning boy!

He walks well on a leash  he is regularly walked and he enjoys long relaxing walks 


This boy has a sad story….found at a gas station   and by the story of the employees there…his owner just left him there…. 

After the SNR programme he was left at another location… but he went back to the gas station…obviously waiting to be taken by his “owner”. Well the owner never came back for him!!!!

THOR is an approx. 2 years old boy, neutered. He is positive to HW (but that's treatable and we provide the treatment for a year).

Thor is very very social to people, lives with a female dog currently and on walks isn't bothered by other dog’s presence . 


Beautiful husky girl Aurora has been waiting a while for her forever home.

Around 4 years old, this medium sized white beauty didn't have an easy start to life. She was found chained up, with her tail amputated. It took us a while to negotiate with the 'owners' but eventually we managed to take her and give her some kind of comfort with us. 

Aurora is a leish positive dog, but this is easily managed. If it's treated with medication (provided) and bloods are checked yearly, they can play and live the same as any other dog! She does have slightly blurred eyes as a consequence of this, but it doesn't bother or affect her. 

Gets on brilliantly with other dogs, so could happily live in a dog home. 


Harry is a special boy! Rescued from a maintenance yard, in such awful condition with horrendous skin and so thin in appearance. Could we leave him how he was? No way! 

Harry is around 1 year old, he is medium sized and around 17kg, can you believe he was barely 12 when found? 

Brilliant with other dogs and is so trusting of people, so would be a lovel addition to your home. 

You will get a truly grateful dog who is just pleased he doesn't have to live in a horrible yard all year round anymore. ❤️


Brindle bundle of joy and fluffiness aka Missy 
Missy is a young pup looking for a home 🥰🥰🥰
Now who wants a brindle retriever cross breed 😊

Believe it or not, her mum is a retriever that we rescued from the streets of horrendous dog shooting town Struga, but it was very late for spaying her. 
Therefore we embraced Nuala and provided a safe place for her and her puppies.

This small bundle of joy 😊 is 3,5 months old and ready to travel in January.
Missy and her siblings are the favourite residents at our vets and well socialized, extremely happy around people and playful with other dogs.

If you are looking for a puppy to adopt this girl is looking for a family of her own.


Mr Bobby Bear has been in our care for a long time now, we think it's about time he found his home for Christmas. 

Around 6-7 years old, this big boy is so lovely. He can be a bit nervous around some people to start with but with food and trust, he is your best friend. 

He can live in a home with a nice tempered female dog, to have some play times with and also some great company for him. 

A fluffy bear, dreaming of a sofa to curl up on and keep you warm this winter ❄️


Pepe is looking for his forever home 😊

Age: 14 months
Breed: mixed, has Jack Russell appearance
Size : mid size dog
Hobby: dipping paws in water 🐾 💦 🐾 splashing in a tiny pool

Cats 😻😻😻 yes absolutely fine with them
Dogs 🐶🐶🐶 he is friendly with other dogs, males and females
We are looking for a home with secured garden, children over 7y old
This boy is young, loves walks and has energy to burst 😊😊😊


We have a scruffy & fluffy boy!

Look how happy he is posing in a hope that someone will notice him and offer him a nice warm home. 

Mickey is around 10 months old, healthy, neutered and labrador size. 

Very playful, gets along with other dogs, wants to run, chase   play with other dogs.

Abandoned as puppy in one of the most cruel towns in Macedonia, placed in a improvised shelter with large dogs who attacked him, he was immediately taken out of there and into private boarding kennels and over 5 months later he is still waiting for a home.


This girl was rescued when she was a puppy and we don't know why she is still in kennels. 🐾
She is beautiful, she is gorgeous calm dog that needs a home, gets along with both male and female dogs, adores to be with people.

Bianca is 11 months old.
She is one of the dogs that give me the strength to go on.... Seeing her so grateful, noble, modest, thankful for just being rescued.....  ❤️❤️❤️


Gorgeous Ella was found with mange... She was taken to the vets and they said that she should be put to sleep!

Luckily she was collected just in time after days of us searching for her. She was crying due to her itchy and bloody wounds. But a trip to our vets and some rehabilition thanks to an amazing sponsoor, she recovered well. 

She is around 8-9 months old, large sized and very social and loving. Ready for a home to call her own, this girl is great with dogs and people. 


Gorgeous girly, Mondi is a small sized girl, but around 18kg currently and approximately 5-6 years old. 

Mondi's best home environment would be an elderly home who aren't able to take a dog on a huge amount of walks, but has a garden she can roam around in and enjoy her days. ♥️

Mondi is clean in the house, easily gets into a routine and is developing well with her lead walking. 

Mondi is good with all the dogs in her kennels and is fine with cats and young children. 


We would love to find our dear little Alfie (a female) a home where she can enjoy the love and comfort so many other dogs enjoy.

Alfie is blind due to the beating she suffered some time ago but this does not deter her from enjoying life.

Alfie is approx 6, she is fine with cats but needs to be the only dog in the home please.

Are you the one to buy Alfie her ticket to her new life? 


Amber is looking for her forever family 💕

We found this girl on the streets near the vets office, she is currently in foster care sharing a home with male and female dog and she is doing absolutely brilliant ❤️❤️❤️
Amber is a 5 month old labrador crossbreed, has wonderful nature and character. She is a puppy, a gorgeous one 😍
She is well adapted to home environment and people.
We are looking for a home with a secured garden, with or without a resident dog, someone to embrace this little well behaved rescued pup. ♥️



Gorgeous girly Hannah is looking for her forever home... look at the beautiful white pup! 🤍 Approximately 7-8 months old and so full of life...

This girl has been with us for a good few months now, rescued from the dump as a small puppy, now a large sized beauty. ♥️ This girl came very nervous, reserved and quiet... we have been working hard on building her confidence and she's a lot more social and secure now. She will still need patient owners who are able to give her slow introductions and space... 🐾

🐶 Great with all dogs so could possibly live with another dog. She is also great with people once trusting ♥️ 

🐱Cat tested and is not bothered by cats, so if you are looking for a cat friendly dog, she is your girl 🌸

Hannah can live with dog savvy children who are over knockdown age (8+)


Introducing Princess Sofia! 

Sofia is extremely cuddly and friendly and brilliant with other dogs!

Sophia is approx 18 months old and spayed.

Sophia is an extremely happy dog! Although she does have a wonky front leg, she walks absolutely fine and this does not hold her back in any way.


Bobo is a gorgeous, friendly 1-2 year old (approximately), loving boy. 

Sadly Bobo was involved in a separate hit and run accident, meaning he has lost his back left leg, but he is still beautiful and just as loving. 

He is extremely friendly and happy around people and dogs. We just need someone to look past his missing paw and understand that his disability doesn't hinder him in any way and he is super healthy. 

Bobo is bestfriends with Pat and guess what? They can be homed together! A pair of 3 paws, best friends matching! 


Charlotte is a very gorgeous, 8-9 month old female pup. She is already big, so expect a large sized girly.

Charlotte was found on the dump site. She was super friendly and was so pleased to see some kind, loving people.  We couldn't leave her there so rescued her.

She is super dog friendly. Charlotte currently lives with another female dog, but could live with any dogs.

She could make a great family dog, for a family with children 10+. Due to Charlotte's size, we cannot consider families with children any younger. 

A friendly, sweet pup with so much love to give. The pawfect addition to an active lifestyle. 


Found on the streets as a tiny puppy with her brother. Cassie is a medium sized 1 year old female.
Her brother is adopted in the UK now, so it's Cassie's turn!

This is a very special girl who is just so loveable and sweet natured. Very food motivated, very eager to please... An all round good girl. 

A very loveable, friendly girl with so much love to give to the right family 

Cassie is great with dogs, could live alone or with other dogs if introduced correctly. 

Homes with dog savvy children over 7 years.

Cat tested & friendly


Meet Kendra, a Turkish Kangal large girl, approximately 8 months now, and will grow.

Despite her size, she is a guardian of the family so she will do lovely in a home with kids just bare in mind her size and that she is a puppy that plays and jumps.

Kendra is spayed, will need further lead/harness walk training as she is not perfect at it yet. Also basic obedience training and house training. We expect this won't be a huge challenge as she is easily food motivated and will absolutely do anything for cuddles. 


Let us tell you a story about a girl found on the road heavily pregnant, a beautiful girl, so weak and malnourished that she lost all her pups.

Narna is approximately 2 years old.

This girl is the friendliest dog you could ever meet. She is dog friendly, cat friendly and great with people - a lovely natured, gentle girl.

Narna does have Leish, which means she requires a daily tablet for approximately 18 months provided by the rescue and annual biochemistry check ups.

Please before turning her down as your future pet, read about her condition. She could have a regular life with just one daily tablet. 

You would take your dog to an annual check up anyway right?

Please note that we have over 200 dogs in our care, therefore not all can be posted on our website.

Be sure to check out our apoption group on Facebook for more dogs!