Crystal was born on the streets, living there feeding herself scraps, sitting next to garbage bins waiting for someone to throw her rotten bread.... And suddenly someone came, put her in a van and drove her away from the neighborhood to THE DUMP!
One day we found a large white friendly dog running toward us, with a wagging tail literally asking if we are here to take her back from this awful place.
People don't go to the dump to do any good. But we are not those people, we go there to rescue. She came with us being the most happy dog all the way.
She's still with us, we don't know why....the size? 

Crystal is your follower, she will follow you and stick to you whenever she can. If you are doing something she will follow you with her eyes.
She is absolutely devoted, when she bonds with her human friend she takes it for real.
She connects with the ones who love her, the hand that feeds her, the arms that hug her.

Crystal is fine with dogs as long as they aren't too boisterous. She needs to be fed separetly from any other animal, this is not her fault - she had to fend for herself on the dump for so long. 

She would fit perfectly in adult only household, somewhere quiet and green. She is a big girl, so will need someone who can walk a large sized dog but she walks so lovely on lead. 

A 4 year old beautiuful long legged girl, who is waiting for her chance to find her devoted owner. 

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases 
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick bourne diseases