Little Dot was rescued from the dump in Macedonia, a dog in one of the worst states we have ever seen! She saw us from across the dump and ran right over to our rescuer and refused to be left behind. We could never have left her in that state but look at her now, a beautiful brindle girl. 

These days, Dot is in foster care with one of our primary rescuers and supporters where she shares her house with dogs, cats and children and gets on fantastically with everyone. Dot would make a great addition to any family dynamic and is just a huge cuddle-bug. 

She is 6 months old currently, and once fully grown she will be medium sized. She would be best suited in an active home, who enjoy long walks and plenty of exercise. She is a cheeky pocket rocket, always on the go! 

She is a blank slate training wise but is picking up good behaviours while in foster, but will obviously need puppy training, consistency and routine in her forever home so that she can grow up to be the well socialised, family companion that we know she can be. With rescue dogs, we would always recommend feeding separately to other animals in the home, as food can often be extremely important to them. 

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases 
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick bourne diseases 
Not spayed due to age