support our critical dogs...

Sometimes we will find a dog in need of a bit more TLC than others. We here at Pawpers in the Ruff will always do as much as we can to help each and every dog we can. 

This means that, on occasion, we will find a dog that is in need of lots of treatment due to the neglect and harm that they have suffered.

Any help that you could provide will go directly to that dog's medical work when donated with the dog's name as the reference when using the donation link below.


Seb is a beautiful, friendly boy who was left in the most horrendous way. 

An emergency call to our vet was made to pick him up immediately. Seb was kindly bought in for assessment and under our care. Seb was fighting hard under the best care, he started eating, he starting to move. 

Sadly we then got Sebs X-Rays back and the results were very sad indeed. How he must have suffered is beyond trying to imagine, and probably all the time he was suffering people were walking past him. Not only has he suffered broken bones including his vertebrae from what we can only assume is a hit and run but he has a number of pellets in him so he has also been the victim of a shooting. 

Seb is now gradually starting to walk, still very unsteady on his feet and poorly but with your funding so far he improved massively.

Seb is not out of the woodwork yet, he is still receiving lots of treatment including skin & neurological medication as well as vitamin B. Sadly, this treatment isn't cheap, so we still vitally need funding for this boy.