meet some of our rehomed pawpers


-Goose's Story-

We followed Pawpers In The Ruff as a charity for a while and always admired the work they do.  We never thought we would rescue a dog as always imagined we would simply choose a suitable breed for the family and get a puppy.  That was until Mercy flashed up on Instagram and we just knew that she was our dog. We tried not to get ahead of ourselves and keep our nerve while we got in touch.  We went though the checks, asked any questions we had and then got really excited about welcoming our dog.  The worst bit about the entire process was the wait. 

She left Macedonia and we were kept in the loop the whole way. She arrived with us via an incredible transport service organised by Pawpers, we welcomed her and let her sleep.  She slept so much in the first few days but was always gentle and kind with small tail wags to let us know she was ok but unsure.  The help we were given from Pawpers about how to welcome, settle and give her a safe place was an enormous help and we believe one of the main reasons she settled and felt secure so quickly. 

We have now had her a week and can honestly say she is the best dog we have ever owned.  She’s relaxed, easy going and has the most wonderful personality.  She’s had one accident (under the Christmas Tree - why else would you have a tree inside?!), but that was our fault for missing her telling us she needed to go out.  She sleeps all night and is always excited to greet us in the morning.  She walks beautifully on the lead and is so friendly and calm with other dogs.  We get stopped and asked what breed she is and look forward to doing a DNA test to find out.

Pawpers have been amazing since the first contact and still continue to be.  We have small Children (5&7) so a dog that’s not phased by being fussed over was top of the list. Goose (as she is now known) is still very new to us but we know Pawpers will be on hand to help at anytime - they really do care… not just about Goose but about all their dogs. 

We would absolutely recommend Pawpers and starting your own rescue journey - it’s been an unbelievable experience and one we are so thankful for. 

The Hunt Family x 


-Luna's Story-

 We welcomed Luna into our lives December 2021. We joke and call her our real life Marley & Me dog, she has certainly made our life's more colourful, that's for sure! 

It's been a journey and although I'd recommend adoption to anyone I would also say please be sure you're 1000% committed to everything adopting a dog entails. It isn't just giving a dog a home, it's about creating a safe space for them. It's hours of training, not just for yourselves but for the dogs wellbeing and happiness.. It's about patience! Luna was and sometimes still is more work than we had imagined BUT we knew from the start we were committed to her and we would do everything we could to help her. We've put so many hours into training, we've found a new level of patience (yes, even after 2 children) and we've learnt so much ourselves. 

Luna is so loving, she's silly, she adores the children and her small big brother Austin. One of the many reason for wanting to adopt was for Austin to have a companion. It hasn't quite worked out the way we'd pictured but we've come a long way in a year. Austin is a pug and 7 years her senior, Luna was 20kg when she joined our family and she really did not know how to play with a smaller dog, she still forgets sometimes that he's smaller and we have to remind her. She adores him, she just wants to love his grumpy little self. They do play, after lots of training and separating. It's taken months of patience and trust but it's worth it when we watch them playing and she dives on the floor pretending he's taken her down. I look back now and the difference already is amazing!

The team at Pawpers are incredible! They're so caring, putting the dogs needs at the very top of the list. As well as being fabulous human beings they're also efficient and thorough in the application process and home check while also making it easy and convenient. They keep in touch, you never feel alone in it all and we send Jess regular updates on how Luna is doing. The team are actual saints for everything they do for the dogs and the rescue! 

Someone once said to me an adopted dog just hits different, they love differently and until we adopted I didn't get it, I do now! These beautiful dogs have been through so much in Masadonia and they really do appreciate everything, they just want to be loved! 

Lian & Sean


-Mila's Story-

I rescued Mila in November 2022, and without a doubt, it is one of the best decisions I could have made. I've wanted to adopt a dog for many years. Having ADHD and this beautiful doggo means I get much needed routine and structure placed on me, and it helps me keep everything in check. She improves my life in so many ways.  

Mila is the sweetest, most adoring pup I think I've ever met. We live in a village, and she LOVES all the walks we do. She's adored by villagers, the bakery staff, baristas, the local butcher, and everyone she meets. After our local walks, she insists that we go to the coffee house where she gets all the fuss. The butcher and baker always step out when they see us walk by and give her treats! She's settled in very nicely within a matter of weeks. 

When we go further afield, we head out with my hiking group where she is adored and has many doggy friends and dog aunties! We went away for Christmas, and she got to go off lead on the beach for the first time. It was so heartwarming to see her running around and just being a dog. 

Pawpers are without doubt the best rescue I could recommend. The tireless work undertaken by all of the volunteers is just incredible. They help so many dogs in need and really care about where these pups are going, after you get your pup, the on-going support that is provided is such a weight off your shoulders, especially for me as a first time dog-mom. 

If you are considering a dog, please adopt, don't shop and please consider pawpers! You won't regret it. If you're in a position to help the rescue in anyway it would mean so much 
to this organisation.

Rebecca Bourne


- minnies' Story -

For anyone considering getting a dog, please consider getting a rescue and not buying. We recently got x2 rescue dogs from PAWPERS IN THE RUFF who care for and actively seek dogs like Minnie in the picture, days away from starvation. And give them the chance to be healthy happy dogs like in the video a few weeks ago.
We have a 3, 6 and 8 year old and they made sure the dogs suited our situation as well as well as continued advice after (Still now). They immediately loved the kids, are gentle loving and happy. And there are dogs that will suit all manner of situations but the important thing is they are honest about any enquiry.
This was our first time getting rescues and its been a great experience so please consider adopting from them. If you are not in a position to adopt yet or for the foreseeable there are dogs daily being found in horrendous situations, and they need continued Vet, kennel, foods bills so possibly consider sponsoring and helping that way.

Dan Pasmore xx


- doris’ Story -

I first saw this little pup on a Pawpers page, only weeks old with her siblings.  I fell in love with her and paid to name her Doris.  Doris was the only survivor from the litter and I knew she was a fighter.  I sent monthly donations to keep her safe.  At that time, November 2018 I wasn’t in a position to get a dog as I had a cat who wouldn’t have accepted her.   Unfortunately, I lost Alfie in January 2019 and after a lot of thought I decided that I could adopt Doris.   Never having a dog before I was unsure really what to do but I thought I would give it a go.


On March 22nd in the early hours of the morning she arrived, tired, smelly and bedraggled but instantly so loving.   I had bought a dog crate but didn’t have the heart to put her in it so let her have the run of the kitchen.   Yes, I did have some presents the next morning but I was expecting that.   She wouldn’t walk on the lead at first and I did seek advice from a dog trainer.  I had to be a bit more assertive with her and within a week or so she was trotting along beside me.  She was house trained within a month and the only bad habit she had/has is eating toys and her beds.   Luckily the beds I have now have been untouched for months so we are on a winner with them.


In October, on her 1st birthday I got a kitten called Stan (another little guy needing a home) and within a week they were bestest friends, although he is a little nuisance Doris is as good as gold with him.


I haven’t dared to let her off her lead yet as she has selective hearing, but she goes weekly for a run with her friends in a secure field.   I’m just too scared of losing her.


I honestly couldn’t have wanted a better first dog.  She is gentle, loving and cheeky (play bites her dads toes) but I couldn’t of wished for better.   She has been part of our family for one year on 22nd March, 2020 and wouldn’t be without her.


Meika xx


- Alfie’s Story -

Alfie, formerly Ogi is our beautiful Rescue dog from Pawpers in the Ruff, adopting him has changed our lives for the better. Alfie was found on the streets in April 2019, he was around six months old, covered in scars and extremely thin. (see first image)

Taking on a dog which has been through so much is so rewarding as they have so much to give back despite the cruelness the world has given them! Alfie’s past barely affects him, he loves to snuggle, loves his long walks and we love to spoil him and show him how kind humans really can be to animals!

Understandably Alfie has a few issues, after the world that street dogs live in its not surprising, and it’s always important to remember that it’s not likely to walk away with a “perfect” dog – even though he is simply perfect to us! Alfie does not like to walk on roads/paths he becomes visibly tense (ears back, tail down) he will lunge at people walking by and bark at a lot of things such as people, motorbike and cyclists. Sometimes it gets to the point that he simply refuses to walk because he is so scared, he will stand and shake, and he has also snapped at a few people when they walk past him. This is something that we are constantly working on him, meeting a trainer 121 weekly to build up his confidence and slowly he is getting better, he no longer reacts to motorbikes and cyclists! (unless it’s been a walk with a lot of triggers!)
 This does not stop us loving him, walking him and showing the good in life. He had a tough start, and we are going to ensure the rest of his days are enjoyable, hopefully stress free as possible, and that he is shown the world and all the good it has! We will get there with his street reactively it just takes time. Alfie regularly enjoys days our at Doggy Day Care making friends and enjoying some much needed off lead time! We have been away with him, and have more trips planned! He is so at home when sitting inside of a pub with us – which is great for us! He is so well behaved in the house, never an accident! Never tried to chew anything, he just wants to sleep and snuggle, and look out of the window being nosy!
 Giving a loving home to a dog which needs one is the most rewarding thing you can do. The Pawpers team are great, they do a fabulous job, keep you updated through the whole process, throughout the transport and keep in touch after, we have had Alfie for months and still regularly keep in touch – it’s a dog loving community which you are becoming apart of when you adopt with Pawpers.

A lovely update on May, 24 2020:
I was just reading through the Pawpers website, and I thought I'd let you know that after a few months of training Alfie no longer lunges/ barks at people, bikes and motorbikes and is he now a making lots of doggy pals in the park!

I thought it might be nice to update his story - so future adoptors can see that they can be trained in time if they come with a few issues "...

Dec 2020.... Alfie got a Pawpers Sister join him! Introducing Lola our house horse!
Getting them to bond wasn't always easy, but seeing them together makes everything worth while, our two street dogs who would be lost without each other now!

Feb 2022... Lola and Alf make a great team, they have a structured life due to some behavioral issues on both sides, but they give us so much. We adore them!