How it began

Marija and Ivana are our rescuers on the ground, our UK admins visit as often as possible, but day in and day out Marija and Ivana are there for our dogs! They have been rescuing dogs from harsh conditions for over ten years.

A few years ago Marija and Ivana were driving a dog for urgent medical care in another town... they took a wrong turn on the way and their lives changed forever as they found the notorious dump where we rescue from.

Imagine taking a wrong turn and finding all those dogs we see and and know today. Marija says "when we got out of the car, the scene was overwhelming...

Dozens of dogs everywhere, some hungry as hell, their condition - from bad to worse. We had never seen so much pain and deprivation in one place! Some of them so wild, never had a human approach, probably born there, many puppies, many mom`s, dogs without any fur on them.
All we thought was.... DOGS THAT NEEDED URGENT HELP!!!"
From that day, for more than 4 years now, we rescue mainly in this place: THE NOTORIUS DUMP!
So far, more than 600 lives have managed to saved, more than 600 destinies were changed,  more than 600 dogs that were given a second chance for life.

We all do this voluntarily, we all have our permanent jobs and families, but we do this with all of our hearts and souls! We invest every atom of energy that we have, every penny that we save, and every spare second of time.

At the dump, currently there are more than 100 dogs that desperately need help! And we can't do this by ourselves. We need all the support in every way to help more of them! 

We are a small team, only 2 women on the ground, and 4 women from abroad, but being small does not mean we can't achieve our goals. With a wonderful group of supporters we've managed to do miracles.

Alongside rescuing the dogs from the dump many more dogs have been rescued from the local kill shelter and also the streets.

With your help and support we hope to go on to rescue many more precious lives.