missy's story

In September 2021, we lost our Yorkshire Terrier Sonny, very suddenly, following a short illness at the age of 11. We were both devastated as he was our world, and we were not with him at the end to say our goodbyes as he was receiving treatment at the vets, and we could not get there in time.
The first couple of weeks were the worst. We realised we needed another four-legged friend to complete our family. We did not want another Yorkie, we knew that. It would have been too painful and would not have been fair on the dog as we would have always been comparing him or her to Sonny.
We had previously supported Pawpers in the Ruff in terms of helping with raffle items, donations etc. We were looking on their page and came across Little Miss Bubbles. We both looked at each other and said yes, without hesitation. She was so gorgeous though, surely someone would have already reserved her, we thought. We contacted the website straight away and arranged a virtual home visit for the following day, which was also my husband, Chris’s birthday, 2nd October. We were so nervous, would they like us, would our house be acceptable, is the fence high enough? So many questions.

The house check went well and the whole team were very supportive. We waited nervously for their response. In the meantime, we were arranging to bring home Sonny’s ashes so he had his final resting place back home with his family.
The sadness of bringing him home and seeing the little card they had made with his pawprint on still brings me to tears and it is something we will always cherish. Later that day we received the news that Little Miss Bubbles had found her furever home and would be a member of our family in November. I am sure Sonny was looking down on us and it was a very bittersweet day.

The next four weeks seemed like an eternity but everyone at Pawpers were really supportive, and a messenger group was set up to give updates on our dogs and also to chat with others waiting for their dog to come over from Macedonia. We were a little family of our own, sharing ideas, thoughts, pictures of toys, beds etc they had bought for their furbaby. It was wonderful.
During the transportation, we received regular updates on where they were, pictures our dogs which we all eagerly waited for. On the way to Sheffield to pick up Missy (as she was to be known, although Chris still calls her Bubbles on occasions), we had butterflies in our tummies. Had we done the right thing? Was it too soon as many people said? Would she like us? Would we recognise her? Lots of questions running round and no answers coming out. As soon as we saw her and called her name, we knew we had made the right decision. She looked up and wagged her tail in excitement. I think she knew she was going home.

Missy soon settled in. She walked into the house like she had always been there. She had some water and some food. We made sure she was kept on a lead at first until she got used to her surroundings inside. We have secure gardens front and back but made sure she was on the lead forthe first few days as well. We even made her a little den under the table, in case she wanted some time to herself, following her three-day journey. However, within a couple of hours she decided she wanted to lay in the middle of the living room to keep an eye on both of us before going to her new pink fluffy bed. She did not bark for the first three days which worried us, but she soon found her voice. I remember Chris coming home from work and he was talking to his mother on the telephone and telling her that Missy did not bark. As he came towards the door his mother asked who was the dog barking in the background? He turned the corner and there was Missy, tail wagging, giving him
what for! Those three days of peace and quiet seem a distant memory now.

On the 7 th November, Missy will have been a member of the Oddy household for two years. The three day, three week and three month cycle has gone and we are now going into the third year. Every day we are learning new things and Missy  loves going on holiday to Blackpool and running on the beach. She also has her own bed at the B&B we stay in.
We are so glad we went on this journey with Pawpers in the Ruff. We will always be grateful for giving us the chance to give Little Miss Bubbles (Missy), the chance of her forever home

Chris and Jane (and Missy)