Tommy was found at around a month old on the dump with his mum Bonnie and 5 other siblings. We suspect Bonnie (the mother) was dumped their after giving birth to an unwanted litter. Although we are struggling financially, we could not leave a mother and her 6 pups to get run over by the passing cars. 

Tommy is currently approximately 5.5 months and will be medium sized when fully grown. All the pups were reared by their mum in the safety of our shelter and are growing well and healthy. 

Tommy is shy to start with, so will need some confidence boosting but with time, patience and training he will really show his full personality. He will need basic training including toilet training, lead walking and learning to live in a home but he deserves the best chance. 

He is well socialised with other dogs of all ages & sizes in the shelter and is absolutely fine with the cats there too. 
We would happily put him in a child home with kids over 7+, just because he can be a bit nervous to start with. It is important for any potential adopters with children to note that rescue dogs require space, patience and respect so children must have experience of being around dogs and how to interact with them. 

We are looking for a committed family, ready to raise a puppy including the training, patience and lifestyle needed. Tommy is ready to travel to the UK at the end of May. 

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases 
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick bourne diseases
Not neutered due to age