Zorro's story

In 2022 we lost our beautiful Welsh Sheep dog Tudur. It was very sudden, it all happened within an hour and we were in shock for many months. In 2023 after many discussions with my husband we decided to look into adopting another rescue dog as we already had a Romanian rescue called Missy who now is nearly 15yrs old. 

We looked at dogs that were looking for homes in Pawpers in the Ruff Rescue and we saw Zorro. We made enquiries and after doing all the paper work and video home check Zorro arrived on the happy bus in August.  

He is the most gentle of giants, he loves everyone and everyone loves him especially children they think he is a big cuddly teddy bear.

Pawpers in the Ruff were and still are there to help us if we need them, they are such wonderful people.