jessie's story

Two years ago purely by chance, we spotted a picture of a dog on Facebook. Part of the 'spay and neuter' campaign of PITR and in 24 hours, she was due to be returned to the notorious tip. But it was love at first sight, and we quickly contacted Pawpers and completed the adoption documentation. 

We were in the process of converting a barn, so the home check comprised of a video of what was then, still a building site, and describing what this new home would look like.
We were successful in our application, and our Pawpers dog duly made the trip from Macedonia, to the Rex Pet Hotel, near Nottingham. 

We already had a (then) ten year old Cocker Spaniel, who we left with friends, whilst we moved into our now completed barn. A day later, we collected our Pawpers dog.
We decided to give our new rescue a couple of days in her new home, before introducing Dexter the Spaniel. Our new addition was nervous, underweight, and generally in poor condition, as you would expect of a dog that had been left on a tip to die.
Introductions went well, and Dexter Spaniel seemed to assume, this new dog came with the new home. Now they adore each other. The first few weeks we kept visitors away, giving our rescue lots of time and space to 'decompress'. She watched Dexter Spaniel and was guided by his actions. Slowly, day by day, week, by week, she began to unwind, like an over coiled spring. 

Yes, we had accidents, our beautiful new carpets were 'christened' on a number of occasions. But it didn't matter, as I'd bought a portable wet carpet cleaner that made those little mistakes vanish.

Slowly, watching what Dexter Spaniel was doing,  she started 'asking' to go outside for a wee or a poo. Slowly those disturbed nights got less and less. It took three months for her to properly settle and another three months for her to really come out of her shell.
Two years down the line, she's an absolute joy. She's travelled all over the UK and spent four months in southern Spain with us. Each day, is the best day of her life. We love her like a member of our family. Her appearance has transformed with a good diet, exercise and being buried in love.

She's the best thing we ever did. I give you the beautiful Miss Jessie ❤