doris' story

I first saw this little pup on the Pawpers page, only weeks old with her siblings. I fell in love with her and paid to name her Doris. Doris was the only survivor from the litter and I knew she was a fighter. I sent monthly donations to keep her safe. At that time, November 2018, I wasn’t in a position to get a dog as I had a cat who wouldn’t have accepted her.   Unfortunately, I lost Alfie in January 2019 and after a lot of thought I decided that I could adopt Doris. Never having a dog before, I was unsure really what to do but I thought I would give it a go.
On March 22nd in the early hours of the morning she arrived, tired, smelly and bedraggled but instantly so loving. I had bought a dog crate but didn’t have the heart to put her in it so let her have the run of the kitchen. Yes, I did have some presents the next morning but I was expecting that. She wouldn’t walk on the lead at first and I did seek advice from a dog trainer. I had to be a bit more assertive with her and within a week or so she was trotting along beside me. She was house trained within a month and the only bad habit she had/has is eating toys and her beds. Luckily the beds I have now have been untouched for months so we are on a winner with them.
In October, on her 1st birthday I got a kitten called Stan (another little guy needing a home) and within a week they were bestest friends, although he is a little nuisance Doris is as good as gold with him.
I haven’t dared to let her off her lead yet as she has selective hearing, but she goes weekly for a run with her friends in a secure field. I’m just too scared of losing her.
I honestly couldn’t have wanted a better first dog.  She is gentle, loving and cheeky (play bites her dads toes) but I couldn’t of wished for better. She has been part of our family for one year on 22nd March, 2020 and wouldn’t be without her.

Meika xx