Our gorgeous boy Ozzy is a beautiful large sized 2.5 year old who has been in our rescue for approximately 2 years now. Rescued from the dump as a puppy with his siblings, sadly Ozzy is the only one from the litter who is still at the rescue. His other siblings have been living in their homes almost 2 years, this boy deserves to see life just like his brothers and sisters. 

Ozzy has a heart of gold and absolutely loves peoples attention, with training and dedication this boy will be a humans best friend. He is a big, bouncy boy so we are looking for a home for him no children, or at least 15+. Ozzy needs to learn boundaries and how to live in a home, as since being with us he's only ever seen a life in kennels. This boy is eager to please and very food motivated, so with dedication this boy will be engaged in training. b

Ozzy has no issues with other dogs and has never shown any aggression at the rescue. However he is very dominant so we would prefer his home to be him as the only pet, with an owner dedicated to his development. He can walk past dogs absolutely fine and responds well to commands. Ozzy is not to be homed with cats. 

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases 
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick bourne diseases