Jack's story

We had been looking for a dog for a while, growing up in a rescue animal family, I was never ever going to buy a puppy! However we found it extremely hard to adopt, getting turned away from so many rescues because I work and own a flat (with a private, secure garden). We were about to give up, when I saw Pawpers online. 

We had never adopted from overseas before so contacted them. Ivana and Marija were wonderful and soon after sending videos and having a call, we were offered two dogs. We weren't bothered about breed, we just wanted a small dog due to our flat size. I was so shocked and relieved when they even considered our application! 

After much deliberation, we chose Dzek (now called Jack) ♥️. What a wonderful match we were given! He travelled to the UK a few weeks after we reservee him and arrived with us a few days later. To start with it was a lot of space and patience but now it's like he has always been with us. 

All we know from his past is that he was a chained up chicken guard dog and I suspect he was hit with chaims / keys as he still hides and flinches at the sound of them to this day. 😟

Jack is dog reactive, it's taken a lot of 1:1 training and patience, but would I change him in any way? No not at all, we have no idea what happened in his past and he just needed someone to give him love and lead him in the right direction. Jack now comes to work with me most days (I work at a National Heritage site), so we have plenty of long walks and fun! He has improved so much now and although I wouldn't say he's dog friendly, he is very much dog tolerant now which is amazing progress. 

I would highly recommend adopting from overseas, the support you get is irreplaceable and far better than any rescue support we've had in the past. It is a very safe and easy process with updates the whole way. 

Thank you for giving us our wonderful boy. We are so grateful. 

Katie and Tom x