mila's story

Mila’s story starts a little differently from most others. I didn’t actually choose her!

I actually applied for another dog, a ten year old. That was because, since I am somewhat long 
in the tooth [80], I wanted to feel I would be able to be here for the rest of his life. That dog was 
thought to be unsuitable for me, due to the fact that he had escaped from the vets twice!

Mila was chosen for me. I was reluctant to consider her at first because she was only three 
years old. However, after discussing everything with Katie [including the fact that my son would 
take on my dogs should I not actually make 100!], I was able to get my head around it. Mila has 
three friends here [all re-homes] and, for various reasons, I have two other dogs the same age as 
When I first saw the video of Mila, I was surprised to see that she was, to say the least, 
somewhat portly! Her story is that she was dumped outside a trainer’s yard, way out in the 
country. She wasn’t a street dog as such. I understand she had been at the kennels for around 5 months.

We have a secure area, but it is over 14 acres. Obviously, we did not want Mila to go out for a 
wee, in the dark, and decide to explore all of it while we were waiting to go to bed! My husband 
hit on the idea of coupling her to her now best friend, Daisy. Daisy is a Staffie so we knew that 
she would be strong enough to guide Mila and bring her to the back door when required. Mila 
does like to stay out exploring. If she is out too long, I can pick her up with her ‘Tractive’ device 
on my phone.

Shortly after Mila arrived, I was asked to re-home another three year old, a Shih Tzu. All four get 
on well together.

When everything was is place for Mila to arrive, I said to my husband, we are bound to get a 
middle of the night slot. I was right! 3.30am was my allotted time. In the event, the Happy Bus 
was running early. Mila actually arrived at 12.15am.
Mila has proved to be a very good fit for us and has settled well.

Katie chose very wisely for us. Thank you Katie.