Rainbow is a lovely active boy who is essentially a puppy in a grown dog’s body. He is so playful and puppy-like that he seems to forget that he weights over 35kg. He was rescued from the dump when he was around 10 months and has been with us ever since. He is so handsome, mostly white fur with lovely brindle markings and a charming silly smile.

He is not the best around other dogs and prefers human company (except for his best friend, Reela.) Ideally he would be in a home as the sole resident dog. He is strong on the lead so we would need someone with previous large breed experience to help him learn that walking pace is perfectly acceptable. Rainbow has asked if his future home can have a nice secure garden so that he can have his daily zoomies. He is not cat tested but we can test him for his potential adopters if needed.

Because of his large size and excitable nature we would not home him with children under 12. Rainbow would fit in well with an active family so that he can get his energy out. At the end of the day he is such a cuddle-bug, he loves people and getting as much fuss as possible.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases 
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick bourne diseases